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    Air Compressor

    diesel mobile AC(4 wheels)

    The system uses a 0-100% displacement stepless adjustment. When the gas consumption is reduced, along with reduced displacement, the motor current is also reduced; when no gas, air compressor running empty, empty for too long automatic shutdown;


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    SAPU frequency Screw Compressors Features

    1, operating costs economy

    The system uses a 0-100% displacement stepless adjustment. When the gas consumption is reduced, along with reduced displacement, the motor current is also reduced; when no gas, air compressor running empty, empty for too long automatic shutdown; when gas consumption increases, the recovery of heavy vehicles. Optimal energy savings.

    2, good environmental adaptability

    Extraordinary cooling system design, suitable for hot, humid work environment; high-precision air-filtration system to ensure air quality, so that stable operation of equipment failures; Excellent vibration isolation and noise reduction measures to make Sapp screw air compressor installation without foundation dedicated platform, only to set aside a minimum ventilation and maintenance of space, you can settle your compressor.

    3, efficient and reliable imported host

    SAPU screw rotor (host) imported from Germany, the third generation of asymmetric tooth 5: 6 rotor, the aspect ratio of a reasonable choice, tangential speed of the rotor is only 30-36m / s, far lower than the general air compressor machine 60m / s tangential speed, keeping the gap 0.003INCH never wear, a small gap between teeth, so small reflux losses between the rotor than the 4: 10-12% efficiency tooth 6, saving 20%, Swedish SKF bearings, greatly extending the life of the host. Moreover, SAPU host its proprietary rotor tooth and structural design, the smallest gap processing, high-precision assembly tools and test methods under extreme load, the unit fully meet your requirements for reliability, performance and efficiency. Make your production operation becomes more secure, stable and efficient, energy saving and environmental protection remain the leader status counterparts.

    4, superior control computer operating system

    Compressor control system uses intelligent microcomputer control system, to meet Chinese market needs, and carefully developed a full Simplified Chinese liquid crystal display computer system. The unit uses intelligent microcomputer control system, with a strong fault diagnosis and protection function, can work for you in the case of unattended 24 hours. If the unit fails, the system will respond accordingly depending on the circumstances, you are prompted to replace another member promptly and make the necessary maintenance. Operation is particularly simple, touch into the automatic operation.

    5, stable performance of the imported frequency conversion module

    Germany adopted imported frequency conversion module, in particular strengthening the special characteristics of the motor and reducing speed, a special set of parameters for PID screw compressor, control software has gone through hundreds of thousands of compressors assessment, parameter setting is simple, human-machine interface goodwill. In order to meet the humid tropics climate, cooling the drive for a special design. To support users set their own best work pressure, increases the oil separator filter filter area. Sapp frequency screw machine has the following advantages:

    1) Pressure stability: Due to the use of variable speed screw air compressor frequency characteristics of the inverter, controller or drive through internal PID controller, able to adjust the pressure to achieve rapid control; frequency operation than the lower limit switch compared to controls, pressure stability exponential improvement;

    2) more energy efficient: Despite all manufacturers screw compressor taken a different energy-saving operation mode, but because the frequency is adjusted according to the actual motor speed in real-time gas consumption, gas consumption low when it allows the compressor to automatically sleep, This will greatly reduce the loss of energy. It should be noted that the various system control method has great influence on energy savings;

    3) Start no impact: Since the drive itself is a soft start device, the maximum starting current of about twice the rated current, and frequency start is generally more than six times the rated current compared to the impact of a small start. This is not only the impact on the grid, but also have an impact on the entire mechanical system, but also greatly reduced;

    4) Low noise, due to the stable operation when running frequency is lower than frequency, mechanical noise decline, small mechanical wear;

    5) capacity requirements for small gas tank.